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Wuan City Kunyu Metal Products Co.,Ltd
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Wu an Kunyu Metal Products Co Ltd old factory is Hongcheng Casting Is a professional manufacturer of cast iron drainage pipes the enterprise covers a total area of 50 000 square meters with an annual output of 20 000 tons of cast iron drainage pipes and 10 000 tons of cast iron pipe fittings At present the main products of our factory are cast iron pipes and cast iron fittings The drainage cast iron pipes are produced by centrifugal casting with hot mold method special internal and external surface treatment epoxy resin anti corrosion coating high temperature drying coating and other advanced technologies Main exported to Hong Kong the United Kingdom Germany Russia Norway Sweden and other...

Categories and Products

Cast Iron Pipe

Cast Iron Fitting

Rainwater System

Centrifugal Pipe Production Line

Drainage System Accessory

Products Keywords
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